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Founding Story 

The GCC Cornell Chapter was founded in 2009 by Randy Wan (Economics and China & Asia-Pacific Studies '12) to connect Cornell students passionate about China-related affairs with a fast-growing global network of university students, professionals, firms, and institutions. Since our inception, GCC Cornell has served as a community where students aspiring to become international leaders in business and technology are challenged to their full potential through a rigorous professional development series and peer mentorship. Today, we have over 100 chapter alumni working in various industries across the globe who are an indispensable part of our extensive global network. Our unique emphasis on family and larger GCC identity differentiate us from other business organizations at Cornell. 

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Our members come from:

New York City

San Francisco

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What We Do

Each semester, new members undergo a holistic 10-week professional development series to gain invaluable technical and qualitative skills and business knowledge, as well as tailored guidance in navigating their career interests and professional aspirations. The Directors of Professional Development collaborate with other senior members to host workshops, speaker panels, and mock interviews. In addition to our education series, GCC pairs new members with upperclassmen mentors who provide helpful advice and resources for academics and job recruitment. We empower our members with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their goals. 

During our time at Cornell and beyond, GCC members bond through social events, celebrations such as our semesterly banquet and retreat, alumni dinners, and adventures ranging from road trips to the annual GCC Global Summit. While helping each other strive to be our very best — professionally and personally — we form close lifelong friendships that enrich our college experiences.

Global Network

Founded in 2008 at Columbia University, GCC Global is the largest student-run nonprofit organization in the world and connects thousands of young professionals and future leaders of all nationalities seeking to facilitate China's global emergence. With an ever-expanding network of over 70 chapters across 4 continents around the globe, GCC provides a unique platform for individuals interested in China-related topics, international relations, and business. Each year, GCC sponsors numerous national and international events featuring distinguished speakers including national leaders, public officials, corporate executives, and scholars. While united by our common GCC identity and initiatives for pre-professional development, each GCC university chapter has its own distinct story and community built upon shared values and goals.


Our Values

GCC members are paired with upperclassmen mentors who become some of our best friends at Cornell. We strongly believe that close relationships are the key to sustaining our organization's success and legacy of mentorship. Our mentors inspire, encourage, and guide us through our college and career journeys, and each of us gives back to GCC by paying it forward to new members.

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GCC members come from a myriad of backgrounds, majors, geographies, cultures, and professional interests. Our diversity in perspectives is our greatest strength, and we take pride in our culture of inclusivity which allows individuals from different walks of life to cultivate a community that immediately feels like family. Each semester, we bond through frequent social gatherings, formals, and celebrations.

Through a robust 10-week new member education series tailored to individual career interests and guided by the expertise of experienced upperclassmen, we equip members with the key technical and qualitative skill sets to successfully navigate their future endeavors. We instill a strong drive for excellence in our work and our pursuit of personal and professional passions, both at Cornell and beyond.



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