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  • Is GCC a part of Global China Connection?
    At Cornell, our chapter of GCC is Global Cornell Connection. While we are still affiliated with our mother organization, we are very different in both who we accept and how we operate.
  • Who should join GCC?
    Applicants should have the motivation to develop technical skills and curiosity for business knowledge. We welcome applicants from various majors and backgrounds, as we have members with careers in finance, consulting, marketing, real estate, and technology.
  • What year should I be to apply to GCC?
    We most commonly accept freshmen and sophomores. Juniors are welcome to apply as well, but they will naturally be evaluated at a higher standard (comparable to our current junior-class members).
  • What is the GCC recruitment process like? How should students prepare?
    GCC’s recruitment process includes a resume round and two rounds of interviews. The best way to prepare for our recruitment process is to attend the recruitment events, such as our resume review, coffee chats, and information sessions, to learn more about GCC and meet some of our members. More information about the recruitment timeline is available here.
  • What would I be able to learn as a GCC new member?
    GCC provides new members with an intensive 10-week professional development education program consisting of professional development workshops, assignments, and presentations (group and individual) on various industries, such as finance, consulting, real estate, and technology. Our mission is to guide new members toward their professional goals and help them develop the necessary skills to achieve their career aspirations. Beyond our professional development series, new members are warmly welcomed into the GCC family and paired with a mentor who can provide both social support and professional guidance.
  • What makes GCC's new member education different from other business organizations on campus?
    GCC’s professional development series is unique in that the curriculum is always changing and improving. Our directors of professional development work to curate a customized education series based on our new member class’ personal and professional interests. In addition, each new member is paired with an upperclassman mentor who is there to support them and provide guidance on deliverables throughout the entirety of the professional development series.
  • If I didn’t get accepted into GCC in a past semester, should I still apply?
    Yes! Each semester’s recruitment process is holistic and does not consider previous semesters’ performance.



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